Happy Birthday 2015 TOMOMI!

TOMOMI turns 25!

The band’s bassist turns 25 now!

Wish you all the bests!

Please keep up your awesomeness!


She looks so excited and happy

Interview in Hong Kong

The band also had an interview with OnTV Hong Kong. In the interview, the interviewer asked TOMOMI, “What is your birthday’s wish?”. At that moment, a bird moth appeared suddenly.
TOMOMI hid behind other band members and said, “My birthday wish is that bird moth will go away from the room immediately!”. Check out the video below:

Some transcript from a comment of a YouTube user:

– Interviewer: Is there the wish now?

– TOMOMI: Is it a wish? Well… hya!! It is my wish that that insect disappears!

– RINA: Oh yeah, it looks like, as for you, that insect wants you to disappear!

– HARUNA, MAMI: Three of us hope that Tomomi who is 25 years old becomes strong in an insect.

– LOL TOMOMI: That fellow leave right now.

The band members looking at the bird moth

Shooting with OnTV

Stand up!

Fan-made video from Mexico

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