SCANDAL B=PASS Jan 2015 (HARUNA Solo Interview)



  • Have you ever felt scared to be standing as the band’s center?: “Ever since I was a grade school student, I’ve always had the dream of wanting to stand and perform on the stage, so when we started our as SCANDAL, I didn’t feel pressured or anything like that being right in the middle. Rather, that is something I’m feeling more of recently (laughs). I am starting to feel the heaviness of the fact that I have to speak. In the past, I’ll shift towards speaking out what I’m thinking of as it is, since I didn’t care about what others thought. But how do I put it, I’m starting to bother about it. It’s proof that I’ve became more of a grown-up (laughs)
  • Do you turn the negative into power for music?: “Yes. But I’ll think if it is necessary to get that out. As a kid, I’ll look up to people and musicians as their being carries hope. I don’t think there are those who will vent or speak out about negative things (laughs). If there are those around, it’ll be better if you don’t sing about it.
  • As a band that have achieved your one goal of playing at the Osaka-Jo Hall, when was the period in which you have all decided on it concretely?: “We were definitely uncertain right before, thinking if we’d become empty (/feel emptiness) after that. But that was not the case (laughs). We then came to want to aim for greater heights. I also realised once more of how much I liked SCANDAL. If standing at the Osaka-Jo Hall was a dream, it is possible that we’ll be good if we just quit after, but I wanted to be part of SCANDAL even after achieving our dreams and I think of wanting to aim for greater things.
  • Have you ever felt that SCANDAL would play such a part in your life?: “I didn’t. In way back, I looked up to Amuro Namie-san and that’s why I got into dance school. Then that’s how I pictured myself as right at the start, doing Amuro-san’s style (of dance). When the school teacher started putting me in a band, I didn’t think that that’ll be my calling. It’s just simply that personality-wise, ‘Because I’m doing this, I want to be able to play’; I had that curiousity. As I was in my third-year in high school that time, it became a heavy topic as it was the period where we decide where to go in future. However, in dance, I felt I was already late in terms of age, even if I practiced to the death. And since I liked music and singing songs, I chose to go with the band in which no matter what, I hoped to be able to sing.
  • HARUNA-san and MAMI-san schooled in Nagoya, while RINA-san and TOMOMI-san’s school were in Osaka right?: “That’s right. However, the two from the Osaka group had different classes, so the feeling right off the start was really, ‘Pleased to meet you for the first time’ (laughs). I am glad we all started out together as people who didn’t have any experience with instruments. The four of us gotten better bit by bit, and then got to do lives…we progressed together. Even now, I’d think that the four of us are a great combo, with personalities that brought good balance. Since we’re humans, we’ll have good and bad times and so, when it comes to the latter, we’ll cover up for each other.
  • As members or as rivals, not wanting to lose out and being hungry for it is something that can’t be lost isn’t it: “It cannot not be there (laughs). Because in these 26 years, there isn’t a time where it’s been lost. If without such feelings, I can’t imagine how I’d be. I hunger when I feel a sense of acheivement and I’ll want to get more of it. That’s to have a taste of the strong and weak, however, in times when I feel weak, I’ll feel that there’s somebody pushing me along from the back.

Original interviews on B=PASS magazine, translations and photos by fyscandalband. I only translate selectively what I find more interesting. More solo member interviews to come up along the week.

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