SCANDAL B=PASS Jan 2015 (MAMI Solo Interview)



  • Have it crossed your mind that “I don’t want to lose to male bands!”?: “Of course it has! There’ll certainly be parts where guys have the edge, and some parts of their performances may also be deemed as cute. That was something I did not want at the start. That’s because I’ve thought of wanting to become cool. We certainly had that point in time where it was thought that we were “the band who wore uniforms!” But to be that band who wanted to be in uniforms was a choice we made ourselves, and since when we did lives on the roads then, we really were in that period where we actually wore uniforms so it was natural. Those were our special attack outfits.
  • But the experience from that period really “made you who you are today” and was a good time right.: “I really think that. That part was one which set us apart from other bands, but I think if we were to create all of the songs and lyrics ourselves then, we won’t be who we are right now. It was because we wanted to make songs ourselves that the thought struck. If right at the start we were to unleash everything, it might have been good on its own, but that wasn’t the case. As such, we were able to get songs created for us by composers and that naturally became study material. That goes for making sounds, melodies, and even the way we should sing or do our recording; We learnt naturally. With realisation, it all came about. We were certainly surrounded by plenty of referential resources. Right now, I am once again very thankful. It was a really blissful surrounding. Because if it was just us alone, we wouldn’t have been so musically exposed. The experiences up till now, there isn’t one that isn’t worth it.
  • It’s wonderful to think like that. How was it when it was the time to take off your special attack outfits?: “We shed our uniforms during the BABY ACTION period (Aug 2011 release, 3rd album), but honestly, I was really, really scared. There was a part of me that protected the uniforms and just thinking of losing something that I’d been protecting was scary. It was also scary losing that on the profiles. We had also gone overseas in our uniforms. At overseas, it was used as a chance for many people to notice us. That timing, however, was a new start for us when we took off our uniforms and I thought it was something really good. Taking it off and looking (at ourselves), for the first time, there was a sense of reality that our audiences were here to listen to our music.
  • There’s surely a moment in which all of you felt the realistic sense of being in a “band” right.: “Yes. I had thought of wanting us to become a band. Even now, I feel pressure in all sorts of things, but there was a moment in which I’ve thought of wanting to become a guitarist properly.
  • And when was that?: “Like when I’m making songs and such. Because I don’t really have the sort of personality that wants to stand out, I didn’t think of wanting to stand out as a guitarist either. But when it comes to songs, I’ll be like, “Right! This part is where the drums will stand out!” or, “The part that will stand out here will be shared with the bass!” etc., I’ll do it in a sense like it’s a puzzle, but when it comes to making tunes, I’ll definitely be floating about starting from guitar phrases. At times like that, it gives me a very real sense that, “Ah, I am a guitarist.
  • I see! Then doesn’t the way you listen to music then change?: “That’s right! It really did. In the past, I don’t hear anything besides the vocals. Even when it comes to the guitar phrases, the important phrases don’t even enter my ears. But ever since I picked up instruments for the first time, I’ll come to listen to the sounds of instruments in detail. Right now, even when I don’t think I’m listening, it will enter my ears naturally. That is why in contrary, I cannot go back to the past where I only listened to just the melody (laughs). Plus, recently, I will think of things like, “How should I go about creating this phrase?” or “What sort of effector should I use here?” etc., while listening (laughs).
  • Are you glad that it’s these 4 people (in the band)?: ”I definitely am! If it isn’t these 4 people, I wouldn’t want to continue. They are people whom I really respect. Of course, as members in the band, but also as people. I really do have respect for each and every one of them. I think SCANDAL isn’t complete if even one person is not inside.

Original interviews on B=PASS magazine, translations and photos by fyscandalband. I only translate selectively what I find more interesting. More solo member interviews to come up along the week.

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