SCANDAL B=PASS Jan 2015 (RINA Solo Interview)

SCANDAL B=PASS Jan 2015 (RINA Solo Interview) 1

SCANDAL B=PASS Jan 2015 (RINA Solo Interview) 2

  • With the RINA-san now, do you feel you’ve got a spirit that hungers within you?: “I do, with regards to the band. I’m the type that doesn’t go out much to play with my friends in private. Even privately, I’ll be thinking about the band with my time and I’m the one that’s most heated up inside the band. Within me, all that I am, it isn’t living if I don’t pour all my energy out. I think if I don’t do that, I can’t convey my music to people. In contrary, I don’t give it my all in other things besides this (laughs). By no means am I unsatisfied, since I feel a sense of satisfaction and happiness daily; I feel that I’m usually at my best everyday. It can be said that with regards to the band, I have an everlasting hunger.
  • Starting from ‘I’m in a rock band!’ and ‘Listen to SCANDAL’s sound!’, you all have begun to desire for a sense of bliss from others. Was there a point in time that gave you all this change?: “Yes! As we became adults, a sense of composure was also born within us. We weren’t making the songs for the sake of lives; We’d evolved to wanting to make music that we can listen to, without much thought, and from then on our lyrics changed too. It’s not about forcefully insertng words in, but these are things we’ve thought about in our lives, sights that we’ve came across in our every day. When we wrote such stuff down, we realised that be it the pain or good amount of harm, it has been included naturally.
  • I see. I think there were several necessary walls RINA-san had to go past to come this far. What was it that left the greatest impression on you?: “I debuted when I was in the 2nd year of high school right. At that time, the members and I were students and we’d also given lives in our uniforms during our indies period, thus we also debuted in our uniforms. It was our most natural outlook then, and I thought they were also our special attack outfits. However, because of that, although we were in a band, there were people who were reluctant of us…there was really such a frustrating period. But since we took off our uniforms, our audience finally came about and our fans really listened to our music. Thinking about that, I was really happy.
  • To RINA-san, what is that very charm of bands?: “Speaking of bands, I think it feels like you’ll only get bandmen (band-like persons) and humour. Even if only a single love song is done, it’s often that you won’t blush when you listen to the things that bandmen write. I’ve changed to be able to hold such feelings and to be able to understand such humour. To come together as a band and come to like a band, it’s because I’ve been listening to all kinds of songs. I have now, through a band, broadened my perspective.
  • SCANDAL only had one single goal, that was to stand on the (stage of) the Osaka-Jo Hall. When you stood there, did you think, ‘I’m at my goal!’?: “When we first played that 2 years ago, I had held my breath. All the ‘heat of the love’ from the audience had conveyed itself to the stage, and the anticipation of 10,000 brought about such wind. Starting from doing lives on Jo-ten street, which was the road right in front of the Osaka-Jo Hall; From zero in the audience. With those memories in mind, I was touched as I performed. I’d thought, ‘How nice it is to hold onto dreams!’ When you speak about your dreams to others, you become mature and although it may be awkward, we started from telling people, ‘It is our dream to do a live at the Osaka-Jo Hall!’ This was what became of it, what I thought was a dream that won’t come true.
  • Is it not possible to go up a level?: “It hasn’t been done so I don’t know (laughs). I think it’s cool that one jumps up, but in any case, for us now, we’ll be moving ahead one step at a time , however it suits us. Starting from street lives to larger and larger live houses, to halls and arenas, we’ve done it all. The words that suit a venue, to having songs that are apt, the 4 of us will be the judge of that……yes, I think that I’m glad to be moving along this way.

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