SCANDAL B=PASS Jan 2015 (TOMOMI Solo Interview)



  • What’s the ideal band like in your mind, Tomomi-chan?: “More specifically, it’ll be those model bands, but it’s not like these bands were my target as I myself did not know the details as to such things in the first place. Personally, as to “This is what a band’s supposed to be!”, I had a very strong, stubborn thought. You absolutely will laugh but it’s something like, “We can’t look like idols!” We also can’t smile and must hold a reckless, daredevil, cool spirit, those were stuff I’d said!
  • (Laughs). When did that awareness change, and where did it lead you to?: “It was a while after our debut, as the presence of our fans grew gradually and so did the people who supported us. Was it really right that what we were doing were coming to fruition? As these were things I really needed to do, I kept pondering over things like, “Not smiling, not thinking like an idol, I do not want to think like that!” Even for us, we wondered what we should do and we weren’t seeing it. There were a lot of contradictions. The number one thing we had to keep thinking about was, is there anything we can do to let the people looking at us have fun? And then, what is it that we can do to make ourselves have fun? These were points in which my awareness changed. From these thoughts, it felt that the thoughts we were fixated upon became trivial.
  • Your uniforms were your trademark.: “Yes. In actuality, I was really a highschool student, so I’d be wearing uniforms as it is to play instruments and practice in the studio. Looking at that, the teacher at the dance school said, “That’s kinda nice,” so we did lives in our uniforms. Being in uniforms as it is and standing on the stage, we thought that we would be able to express ourselves the way we usually do. Right at the start, we went and bought western clothing at EAST BOY and made those our outfits.
  • When you took off your uniforms, were your afraid?: “I was extremely scared. There was the realisation of it going missing from our profile (pages). I’d think about what if the fans we had up till now going away. Thinking about it now, even we ourselves didn’t have faith in us, so obviously the fans won’t have faith in us either. However, we couldn’t possibly have the uniforms on forever. The period where we completely shed the uniforms were during “LOVE SURVIVE” (single, released July 2011), and even in the start of the PV we were in uniforms, but then midway, the outfits were no longer uniforms. It was the leading single that was also released in our 3rd album, “BABY ACTION” (released August 2011), but right from that album onwards, I feel it really honed our self-awareness.
  • However, we can feel you’ve really matured. Although you were just a highschool student, it seems you’ve wrote the lyrics to “Kan Biiru (recorded as the TOMOMI tune in the new album): “Ahahaha. That’s right! But since I don’t like alcohol after all and I don’t drink, that’s why the lyrics were about not drinking (laughs).
  • That’s true (laughs). What if you weren’t in a band, would you continue with dance?: “Nah, I think I would’ve quit. If I weren’t in a band, the moment I graduate from high school, I’d probably also quit dance then. From way before, it’s not like I had the goal of going to the school to debut, and I went simply because I liked dance. If I didn’t have such members that want to work hard together, I think there would be no feeling lost or anything, but we’ll just fade out naturally. Your members are also your friends, and they hold an important presence in which you can’t do some things without, for example. Since we’ve been together since we were high school students, it really comforts me and they hold a strong presence in my heart. I think they’re the ones who are always there to save me.
  • In private, what is it that you think holds a strong presence in you?: “My friends probably. My friends from high school have always, from the past, came alternately to have fun. The moment we meet, it’s like we’ve gone back to high school. All of us are working hard to make our own dreams come true, and just by talking about it makes me feel great.
  • As a woman, what do you hope to move towards from now on?: “I want to become a dignified woman that can brace for anything! That’s something far still (laughs). However, I’ll work hard! I know myself really well, so I’ll hold onto my own opinions and I think I’ll like to go on acting even on things that should not be!

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