SCANDAL meets Disney Villains

SCANDAL meets Vilains cover

What happens when SCANDAL, who loves Disney, meets Disney villains?

The villains who appear in Disney movies are collectively referred to as “Disney villains.” In this feature, we will publish gravure pictures of SCANDAL, who have been turned into Disney villains.

HARUNA meets Maleficent

HARUNA meets Maleficent 1 HARUNA meets Maleficent 2 HARUNA meets Maleficent 3

──What was it like wearing Maleficent’s costume?

I felt like I became stronger in her costume that’s covered in feathers. Since it’s completely black, I felt like this was the coolest outfit out of the 4 of us. I’m very happy that we’ve been allowed to wear all these different costumes in this way.

──What’s your favorite part of it?

The horns that symbolize Maleficent is my favorite. I don’t really get to do shoots with decorations in my hair, so that alone lifted my mood up.





MAMI meets Cruella

MAMI meets Cruella 1  MAMI meets Cruella 2  MAMI meets Cruella 3

──What was it like wearing Cruella’s costume?

For this shoot, I watched the movie and thought a lot about facial expressions and poses. The instant I put the fur on, I went into “Cruella mode.” It feels so luxurious.

──What’s your favorite part of it?

The bright red heels that Cruella wears in the movie as well. I don’t really wear heels normally, so it was a valuable experience for me. The pointy toes look pretty evil (laughs).





TOMOMI meets Evil Queen

TOMOMI meets Evil Queen 1 TOMOMI meets Evil Queen 2 TOMOMI meets Evil Queen 3

──What was it like wearing the Evil Queen’s costume?

It was my first time wearing such a long dress. It’s like I’m wearing my pride as a woman, or rather that I felt proud to be a woman. Also, it’s my first time having black hair since 「BABY ACTION」 (their album that released in 8/2011). It felt fresh to have black hair after such a long time.

──What’s your favorite part of it?

It has to be the hairstyle. I really like these Evil Queen-like eccentric bangs.


こんなに長いドレスを着たのが初めてで、女としてのプライドをまとっているというか、すごく女性であることを誇らしく感じました。あと黒髪にしたのが「BABY ACTION」(2011年8月発売のアルバム)のとき以来なんですよ。ひさしぶりの黒髪で新鮮に感じました。



RINA meets Ursula

RINA meets Ursula 1 RINA meets Ursula 2 RINA meets Ursula 3

──What was it like wearing Ursula’s costume?

The costume has keynotes of black and purple, and I think it’s cool and sexy. The lace-up corset on the side is very lovely and feminine.

──What’s your favorite part of it?

The choker with a coral motif and the stole. Actually, the backside of it is a vivid pink. The hairstyle was made with the image of being undersea; extensions were mixed in with my own hair and then curled.





Some more pictures

SCANDAL meets Vilains FB 1 SCANDAL meets Vilains FB 4 SCANDAL meets Vilains FB 2 SCANDAL meets Vilains FB 3 SCANDAL meets Vilains


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