SCANDAL Pia – 100Q! Haruna

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“Personality comes into view with 100 questions and 100 answers!? We will be carrying out Pia’s famous 「100Q」 as we consult the questions sent to the members from the fans. Each of their true selves draw near.”

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Q1. What’s your current mood?
I want to relax while drinking alcohol at the beach.

Q2. About how long are you together with the members?
We’re together almost every day.

Q3. What do you want to do this summer?
Scuba diving, SUP (stand up paddle surfing).

Q4. What are the members’ pros and cons?
Pros: Eccentric
Cons: Makes too much of a fuss over others

Pros: Handles anything like a pro
Cons: Too dependent on the members

Pros: Straightforward
Cons: Bad with alcohol

Q5. What are your favorite brands? Places where regular people can buy from!
American Eagle Outfitters, American Apparel

Q6. What band or group are you currently paying attention to?

Q7. Which artist would you like to play a live or event together with in the future? How about doing a rock festival that SCANDAL presides over?
If Earth, Wind & Fire comes to Japan I’d want to appear together.

Q8. We want to know what you’re good at cooking.
What I often make is shogayaki (pork fried with ginger).

Q9. How do you refresh yourself when you’re feeling down?
Eat with a friend.

Q10. What’s a song you often sing at karaoke?
Namie Amuro or SPEED

Q11. What would you want a guy to polish up on?
Their sexiness

Q12. Is SCANDAL banned from romance? Are you interested in getting married? How would you like to be proposed to?
We’re not banned. I want to get married, but I don’t have a way I’d like to be proposed to.

Q13. Is your hair in pain?
Bleaching has damaged it, but I care for it with Moroccan oil every day.

Q14. Will all of you wear matching outfits again?
Our moods could differ based on the time frame, but probably not……

Q15. What are your secrets for maintaining beauty and style?
I choose the right skincare for me, eat often, and walk often.

Q16. What was the first CD you bought?
「Don’t wanna cry」 / Namie Amuro

Q17. During these 10 years that you’ve been facing music, what is the number one thing that has stuck with you?
That I’ve been able to become a bandman.

Q18. Has there been a huge fight during your 10 years? Please tell us the details.
There hasn’t been anything that could be called a “huge fight.”

Q19. When is your next album coming out?
As soon as it’s finished!!

Q20. If you were to play a dinner show, what song would you absolutely want to sing?
「Morning sun」

Q21. During the time you were most feeling down so far, what songs did you listen to?
Tabidachi no Uta」 (Journey Song) / Mr.Children. I often listened to it when I began living in Osaka by myself when the band formed.

Q22. If you were to appear on 『Shabekuri 007』 (a Japanese variety show), what project would you like to do?
Hm…one where you occasionally eat meat.

Q23. What have you been most glad about while a part of SCANDAL?
That, through music, I’ve been able to communicate not only with people domestically but also abroad.

Q24. What is SCANDAL to HARUNA?
The turning point in my life.

Q25. (From a shy fan:) What are you aware of when you communicate with people?
Since I too am shy, I want to, as much as possible, communicate in places where there’s alcohol.

Q26. It’s been 10 years since you’ve formed. What’s the trick for being able to keep the same members?
Having respect for each of the members.

Q27. What’s the goal for SCANDAL who has accomplished many things so far?
I feel that a goal is something you’ll never be able to see.

Q28. What has been the most memorable moment at a live for you?
Our first performance at Osaka-Jo Hall. The view I saw the moment the stage curtain fell away.

Q29. What do you do for jet lag when you’re on a world tour?
Persevere even if you get sleepy during the daytime.

Q30. Out of your outfits so far, which one has been the most difficult to play instruments in?
I remember that the outfits we wore for our first Budokan performance were difficult to perform in…

Q31. (From a fan who is currently on a dance team) What is the source of TEAM SCANDAL’s power? Also, how do you increase the team’s power?
The team itself is very close. We often go out to eat.

Q32. What do you think you would be in charge of in SCANDAL (what color, etc.)?
I’d be in charge of 「red」 for the squad.

Q33. When do you think was the time you were the most big-headed and got carried away?
Around the time I remember alcohol from when I was about 21, 22 years old.

Q34. You have songs called 「OSAKA」 and 「TOKYO」. Which place would you sing about next?
It has to be my hometown of 「NAGOYA」.

Q35. What’s the trick to maintaining your motivation?
To constantly keep yourself focused on your target.

Q36. What’s a life lesson you’ve discovered while continuing for 10 years?
Don’t tell lies.

Q37. What kind of person is your manager Eisuke? What do you usually think of him?
He’s very stimulating in many ways. He’s someone who has guided me in many directions.

Q38. Say something about your fans.
Thanks as always♡

Q39. You’ve gone around to many countries for overseas performances. What foreign language would you like to learn after Japanese?
English. I’m currently studying it.

Q40. How do you stay true to yourself?
I too am bad at that……

Q41. Your singing voice has changed recently. Is there something you have in mind when you’re singing something?
I imagine myself vocalizing from around my temples.

Q42. What’s been the most delicious beef tongue you’ve had so far?
Date no Gyuutan (Date’s Beef Tongue)

Q43. What is something you haven’t done yet, or something you want to challenge yourself with in the future?
Bungee jump

Q44. What kind of bracelet is on your wrist?
It’s a secret♡

Q45. Which is your type, a muscular guy or a slender guy?
A slender person who’s muscular.

Q46. What do you do when you can’t sleep at night?
When I check my phone I fall asleep in no time.

Q47. When you’re unsure of what road to take in life, how do you decide which to go with?

Q48. What’s a memorable scent for you?
Bvlgari’s Pour Homme

Q49. What’s something you were happy about that was said to you?
「The song today was great」

Q50. If you could sum up your feelings for music in one kanji character, what would it be?
「夢」 (yume; dream)

Q51. What’s the biggest thing that’s changed for you in these ten years?
The importance of conversing.

Q52. What’s a spot you’d like to go to on a date?
Cliché, but Disneyland.

Q53. What kind of car do you drive?
I still don’t own a car, so I’m currently unsure of what car to go with.

Q54. What’s something that the members have been glad about that the four of you are together?
I again thought that when we completed SCANDAL “Documentary film「HELLO WORLD」” .

Q55. Which member is most likely to get married?

Q56. Among the songs you’ve done until now, what song and during what part is your favorite bassline as seen from the perspective of yourself as a guitarist?
There are many, but TOMOMI playing that bassline while singing the chorus in 「LOVE SURVIVE」 is awesome!

Q57. What’s your favorite Nagoyan food?

Q58. Among the countries you’ve gone to so far, what country would you like to live in?
USA (Los Angeles)

Q59. When did you start cooking for yourself?
I wonder? I haven’t done it at all recently.

Q60. What’s something that you were glad to do in your 20s, and what’s something that you would like to do in your 20s?
What I’m glad I did was get my driver’s license. What I want to do is to take a trip by myself.

Q61. Will the band continue on even if [someone] gets married?
That’s the plan.

Q62. Which member has the cutest way of doing things?
It has to be TOMOMI, right?

Q63. If SCANDAL had not formed, what kind of life would you have been living?
Something related to music.

Q64. What do you think of yourself when viewed objectively?
Very awkward.

Q65. If you could bring along one person to a deserted island, who would it be?
Hm~. MAMI!

Q66. (From a male fan in high school:) When you grow up, is there a possibility of being able to fall in love (laughs)?
If you meet someone!

Q67. (From a fan taking an entrance exam:) My grades are fairly good, but I don’t want to study and I can’t find a reason for going to high school. It’s honestly annoying when my parents tell me to study. What should I do?
I too thought the same thing, but high school’s not only about studying! You’ll learn many more wonderful things!

Q68. When you sing, is there anything that you’re particularly aware of?
I’ve been taking it easy as much as possible recently.

Q69. What’s a policy that you cherish the most?
Staying 「COOL」.

Q70. What’s something that you don’t miss out on doing every day?
Drinking room temperature water when I get up.

Q71. When the members first got together, what was difficult about it?
Getting together was difficult.

Q72. Who is currently your favorite vocalist?
Gwen Stefani

Q73. (From a fan who recently formed their first band and is the vocalist:) Do you have any advice?
At any rate, enjoy it!

Q74. If you could use one piece of magic from Harry Potter, what would you use?
I often say “Lumos” on a daily basis. I do it when I’m turning on lights.

Q75. What are you attentive to with your body?
When I’m bathing, I relax with a hydrogen bath or sake bath.

Q76. What’s your favorite scent?
The scent of coffee.

Q77. Do you use fabric softener?

Q78. Almond Crush……will a new song be coming out next?
If there are requests!

Q79. What musician have you always respected?
It’ll always be Namie Amuro-san.

Q80. If your good friend Erika Toda joined SCANDAL, what instrument would she play?
That would be up to Erika (laughs).

Q81. If you were in a long-distance relationship, would you talk to each other every day?
We might not be able to call each other every day! E-mailing/texting would work!

Q82. What’s a snack you’ve been addicted to lately?
Yaki soramame

Q83. There are 24 hours left until Earth explodes! Okay, what would you do?
Spend my day like I’d always do.

Q84. When you first met the members, who did you think would be the biggest problem child?

Q85. How come you’re so adorable?

Q86. What do you currently want?
A black backpack that’s not too big.

Q87. Who do you want to spend your birthday with?

Q88. What was the most memorable food from when you went to Singapore on tour?
I love chicken rice!

Q89. How much did you truly practice for the Honolulu Ekiden?

Q90. Would you want to play at overseas venues like London’s Wembley Arena?
I’d want to! I want to appear at overseas festivals!

Q91. If you were to cover a song by a male artist, whose song would you want to cover?
Rock With You」 / Michael Jackson

Q92. (From a fan in Aichi Prefecture:) For anko (red bean paste), do you like tsubu-an (paste with whole beans)? Koshi-an (smooth paste)?

Q93. In ten years, which member do you think has changed, and what member do you think is the same?
Everyone has changed spectacularly.

Q94. Which member do you think has the completely opposite personality of you?

Q95. What’s the biggest blunder you’ve made so far?
It’s always likely to be hangover days.

Q96. HARUNA, if you were born again, do you still want to be in a band? [Both the question and answer were written in English]
I also want to experience a different life.

Q97. How can one powerfully continue their dream like HARUNA and straightforwardly believe in themselves without departing from their center?
There are even days for me where I feel like I’m going to break, but your biggest ally is yourself, so the only thing to do is to believe in yourself.

Q98. What’s a routine you have before singing?
Stretch and warm up my throat.

Q99. What are you particular about when it comes to fashion?
My basis is American casual style.

Q100. If you had a week off, where would you go?
I’d want to go to Hawaii!

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