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Q1. What’s your current mood?
I’m hungry.

Q2. About how long are you together with the members?
Almost every day! On our off days we go out to eat, and I’ll respond to TOMO’s messages without meeting up with her.

Q3. What do you want to do this summer?
I want to go to a matsuri (festival)! Fireworks! Yukata!

Q4. What are the members’ pros and cons?
Both her pros and cons are that she makes too much of a fuss over others

A pro is that she handles anything like a pro.
A con is that she’s too negative on herself.

A pro is that she can get her point across with clear words. A con is that it’s easy for her to change attitudes.

Q5. What are your favorite brands? Places where regular people can buy from!
Candy Stripper, RNA

Q6. What band or group are you currently paying attention to?

Q7. Which artist would you like to play a live or event together with in the future? How about doing a rock festival that SCANDAL presides over?
aiko-san, Shiina Ringo-san. I absolutely want to be on the same stage together, I absolutely want to see a live of theirs, and I’m absolutely a huge fan. For a rock festival that we preside over, you definitely need to come! Definitely!!

Q8. We want to know what you’re good at cooking.
Agemono (fried foods).

Q9. How do you refresh yourself when you’re feeling down?
Try to seek out what’s making me feel down, and if I cannot change my feelings about it no matter what, I go to sleep.

Q10. What’s a song you often sing at karaoke?
「Futari」 / aiko

Q11. What would you want a guy to polish up on?
His heart♡

Q12. Is SCANDAL banned from romance? Are you interested in getting married? How would you like to be proposed to?
As a girl I’d like to get married, but I’d hate to be surprised with a proposal. I’d be embarrassed.

Q13. Is your hair in pain?
It is! I give it a treatment every time I go to the salon.

Q14. Will all of you wear matching outfits again?
We currently have no plans to do so.

Q15. What are your secrets for maintaining beauty and style?
The day after a day where I think “I ate too much!”, I adjust the amount of food I eat. Perhaps that’s one of the secrets…..

Q16. What’s your rank in Puzzles & Dragons?

Q17. What was the first CD you bought?
「Pokémon Ieru Kana?」 / Imakuni

Q18. During these 10 years that you’ve been facing music, what is the number one thing that has stuck with you?
Being able to release our album 「YELLOW」 with lyrics and music for all songs written by us.

Q19. Has there been a huge fight during your 10 years? Please tell us the details.
This might be different from “fighting,” but after our performance in Mexico on our world tour last year, for many hours we discussed our differences on how we get motivated before lives and our differences on how we concentrate. It was the longest discussion in SCANDAL’s history.
We’ve never had fistfights or quarrels.

Q20. When is your next album coming out?
We’ll let you know^^

Q21. If you were to play a dinner show, what song would you absolutely want to sing?
「Kimi to Yoru to Namida」

Q22. During the time you were most feeling down so far, what songs did you listen to?

Q23. If you were to appear on 『Shabekuri 007』 (a Japanese variety show), what project would you like to do?
「The Shabekuri members will also play in a band!」. If the Shabekuri members would form a band, we’d decide who would do what and make a ficticious band.

Q24. What is SCANDAL to MAMI?
My entire life and youth.

Q25. (From a shy fan:) What are you aware of when you communicate with people?
Always greet them. Dialogue begins from a greeting.

Q26. It’s been 10 years since you’ve formed. What’s the trick for being able to keep the same members?
Have mutual respect for each other.

Q27. What’s the goal for SCANDAL who has accomplished many things so far?
A goal hasn’t been decided. We’ll do as much as we can do!

Q28. What has been the most memorable moment at a live for you?
The loud cheers of the audience during our first song 「SCANDAL BABY」 at our first Osaka-Jo Hall performance! We felt the love. It made me really happy. Time stopped for a moment.

Q29. What do you do for jet lag when you’re on a world tour?
While on the plane, set yourself to the local time and adjust your sleeping hours (I pretty much just sleep, though).

Q30. (From a fan who is currently on a dance team) What is the source of TEAM SCANDAL’s power? Also, how do you increase the team’s power?
How about making some time for the team to spend with each other when you’re not dancing?

Q31. What do you think you would be in charge of in SCANDAL (what color, etc.)?
Mother. When asked questions like this, the most common answer from the members too is mother.

Q32. When do you think was the time you were the most big-headed and got carried away?
There aren’t any. I think……

Q33. You have songs called 「OSAKA」 and 「TOKYO」. Which place would you sing about next?

Q34. What’s the trick to maintaining your motivation?
Use a day to just do things that you like to do.

Q35. What’s a life lesson you’ve discovered while continuing for 10 years?
Since I was little: Be diligent.

Q36. What kind of person is your manager Eisuke? What do you usually think of him?
Sorry as always, and thank you.

Q37. Say something about your fans.
I’m grateful that we’ve met everyone. Thank you for always following SCANDAL! Best regards from here on out too.

Q38. Are you currently hooked on something?
Dried fruits (primarily pineapple).

Q39. How did you start calling yourself “boku”?
I’ve been calling myself 「boku」 for as long as I can remember. After that I went through a phrase where I said 「oira」 (from late elementary school until my first year of high school), and then I went back to 「boku」.

Q40. When you return to Nagoya, what place do you always go to?
Komeda Coffee

Q41. What’s your favorite anime? Manga?
Anime: 「Bakemonogatari」. Manga: 「Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction」.

Q42. What movie do you want to watch?

Q43. If you’ve decided what color to dye your hair next, what color is it? What has been your favorite hair color so far?
I haven’t decided on my next hair color yet! My favorites are cool colors like purple and blue.

Q44. What band have you been influenced by?
Foo Fighters

Q45. What cosmetics do you use?
IPSA for foundation. For eyeshadows, blush, and mascara, it depends on how I’m feeling at that time!

Q46. If you received 1 million yen, what would you want to buy?
I’d want to upgrade to the latest consumer electronics!

Q47. What’s the secret to writing a good song?
Don’t disregard lyrics regarded as a melody, and a melody regarded as lyrics.
That’s my most important tip for making songs.

Q48. How do you decide on your daily outfits?
I largely decide by TPO (time, place, occasion), but it typically depends on how I’m feeling that day.

Q49. You’re super adorable in footage from long ago, but the current MAMI is even more adorable! How did you get so cute?
Thank you very much. I’m kind of the person who thrives on praise.

Q50. Why do you like cilantro so much?
I can’t get enough of the scent and taste that hits my nose the moment it enters my mouth and I bite down.

Q51. Where is your painted t-shirt that you wear for 『YELLOW』 from?
I too don’t know……

Q52. If you were to play a live with the Foo Fighters, which song would you want to perform together?
Bridge Burning」. That riff is way too cool……

Q53. Share 3 of your favorite guitar chords!
E / CM7 / D

Q54. What’s an unusual game genre, or what’s a game genre you’d like to try playing?
I’m bad at FPS (first-person shooter) games, so I want to conquer that. When it’s not in a third person view, I can’t operate it well no matter what.

Q55. Are lyrics in love songs [written] from personal experience?
Personal experiences, imagination, and ideals are all included.

Q56. When you make clothes for the members, what kind of clothes do you make for them? Also, what kind of setting would you want them to be worn in?
I want to remake the t-shirts in our goods line-up, so, if possible, I’ll show that for the time being. If they say they want them, then I’ll do it in commemoration. Not wearing them is okay, so I’ll do it in commemoration (laughs). Also, I wonder how much time has passed since I said I’d make PJs for RINA……(I’ll make them).

Q57. What’s the first song you played on guitar?
Good-bye days」 / YUI

Q58. Which songs seem the most fun to play on guitar?
「Image」, 「SUKI-SUKI」.

Q59. What would you do if, tomorrow, you lost all of your money?
Try selling everything in my house that can be sold.

Q60. If you had to eat the same thing 3 times in 1 week, what would it be?

Q61. What do you do before going to sleep?

Q62. TOMOMI & MAMI have a unit called 「Dobondobondo」. What do you want to be noticed about the new songs?
The two people who produced both 「Sekapero」 and 「Dobondobondo Dungeon」 make an appearance in them!

Q63. Do you have an effector that seems to add to the next notes?
I want a ton of FUZZ. I want to make an effector board for FUZZ use only (I’d probably use 1 or 2).

Q64. What had you feeling love for the members?
When I was hospitalized, they were concerned about me even during their busy schedules while overseas and with the time difference.

Q65. What’s something that made your heart twinge recently?
When I saw a video of the cat my friend recently took in. When I said how the black kitten that had only been born a few months ago looks like a small bear, they had already given it the name “Kuma” (bear).

Q66. What’s your all-time favorite monster in Monster Hunter?

Q67. What must you absolutely do before a live?
Play guitar until right before we go on stage.

Q68. Which one kanji character represents you?
「変」 (hen; odd)

Q69. If you could talk to animals, which animal and what would you want to talk about?
I’m told I’m cat-like, so I’d talk to cats. I’d want to know cats’ feelings.

Q70. During what kind of times are pictureque songs born, and during what kind of times of tension are they made?
When you listen to your favorite music, you think, 「Ah, I want to do this!」, and by saying 「It’d be great if we did this」, a conversation is born when you talk about it with everyone. The timing that an image or idea for a song comes to mind differs. The order they’re made sometimes differs, but in the case of when you’re making it together with a song you’re writing lyrics for, a lot of the time they’re completed at the same time. I’ve been creating songs together with RINA quite often recently. In this case, I attach a melody that goes with the lyrics that RINA has written.

Q71. Do you still play the guitar before going out?
There are many days where I play before going out. Especially during rehearsal periods and on live days I definitely practice before going out.

Q72. After forming, and until now, what have you been particular about?
Our performances! We want to be an appealing band.

Q73. What fashion item are you currently interested in?
T-shirts (secondhand). I like the way color fades when it’s distressed and the worn feeling!

Q74. What’s the time frame for making one song?
It’s all over the place. Giving a complete form to something I have in my head in one go and completing it at that point in time is the fastest, but there are also times it takes several days after that to modify many things……

Q75. What are your favorite sneakers?
VANS! I like the types with shoe laces.

Q76. You’re often told that your arm muscles are awesome. What about your grip strength?
The last time they were measured was in high school, and it might have been left: 31, right: 29……

Q77. What’s your favorite onigiri filling?
Tuna mayonnaise, shigure (clam).

Q78. What things do you like about each of the members?
HARUNA: She munches when she eats.

TOMOMI: She accompanies me to escape games and thrill rides.

RINA: She praises all of the songs I make.

Q79. What country would you want play a live in?
Of course I’d want to go to any country!! But, we want to attack South America and countries like Brazil and Chile. Also, Russia. I’ve been told occasionally I have Russian-like features, but I don’t feel like I’m like that. Arbitrarily.

Q80. What kind of practice do you do to become better at palm muting while playing guitar?
I too was really bad at that in the beginning, but I really practiced it when we were recording 「Shoujo S」 to be able to play the phrases in the intro. With your left hand you make sure to mute the frets you’re not pressing. With not as much force, with your right hand you should be aware of the strings of the sound you want to play, and go forth with your goal. Decide to absolutely not the stop the 16 beat, and do it until you can do it!

Q81. Which member would be scared to see you mad?
TOMOMI. She hasn’t seen me get really mad.

Q82. Which female guitarist do you admire?
She’s now a vocalist, but I think Shiina Ringo-san is beautiful. Seeing her in a kimono strumming a guitar blows me away.

Q83. Please share how you do your makeup.
I go easy on the eyeshadow and draw eyeliner on the corner of my eye. Recently, I’ve often been putting blush from my lower eyelids to my cheeks. The most important thing while doing makeup is eyelashes! For keeping my eyelashes curled…..I curl the bottom lashes too. I choose mascaras that have staying power and won’t give me panda eyes!

Q84. What do you want to in your old age?
It’s unimaginable, but I want to live surrounded by cats.

Q85. What currently gives you comfort?
Watering and watching the growth of the potted jasmine plant that TOMOMI gave to me as a birthday present.

Q86. Please tell us what music you regularly listen to and your favorite band.
Recently, I’ve been listening to Awesome City Club often. When I want to get excited, it has to be Foo Fighters.

Q87. What one thing would you say makes you angry about TOMOMI?
She drops things too often or loses them too often.

Q88. How long did it take for you to become good at performing?
I still don’t think I’m that good. Days of only practicing……

Q89. What books did you read when you were little? What’s a book you’ve read recently?
I read the manga 『What’s Michael?』and 『BONOBONO』 when I was little. Something I’ve read recently is Ozaki Sekaikan-san’s 『Yuusuke』.

Q90. You said 「I don’t want to stand out」, but your guitar solos and actions have been showy. What’s the reason you’ve been able to do that?
We’ve always been aiming to 「move as much as possible during a live」 since the band started. My body now moves naturally.

Q91. What is your favorite song from each album? [Both the question and answer were written in English]
『TEMPTATION BOX』: 「Hello!Hello!」
『BABY ACTION』: 「Sparkling」
『Queens are trumps -Kirifuda wa Queen-』: 「Bitter Chocolate」
『STANDARD』: 「Brand new wave」
『HELLO WORLD』: 「Image」
But I like all songs!

Q92. Any tricks for students taking exams?
Self-suggest to yourself 「I can do it, I’ll be able to do it, I’ll do it, I’ll pass!」

Q93. What have you been been most glad about since forming SCANDAL?
Being able to be myself.

Q94. What have you been addicted to recently?
I’m addicted again to Candy Crush.

Q95. What is your favorite sweet right now?
Roll cake from the convenience store.

Q96. Which prefecture do the members all want to go to?
A place we’ve always been talking about wanting to all go to is an onsen (hot springs). So, we’d start first with a nearby place, Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture. We’ll be able to go soon; we’ll go.

Q97. What’s the biggest horror story so far of your life?
When I got my first cell phone in my first year of middle school and went a little crazy, the monthy charge was several tens of thousands of yen. My family was furious.

Q98. What recent purchase have you been glad about?
An Imabari bath towel. Drying off with something fluffy every time I bathe feels great! By the way, there’s also an Imabari towel in our goods line-up.

Q99. What is it like when you take lead vocals during a live?
I’m beyond nervous, but every time I try challenging myself a bit to sing it differently than on the CD and change the guitar strokes.

Q100. What do you do when you move your fingers while playing guitar?
Isn’t practicing fingering (move your index finger to each of the frets on strings 1 or 6, try out things you find online) the quickest way to improve? I can’t really do it fast either…… Also, when you warm yourself up in a bath, I think stretching and extending the space between your fingers would be good for people with small hands!

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