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Q1. What’s your current mood?
I’ll do my best with 100Qー! Ohー!

Q2. About how long are you together with the members?
I think we’re together about 300 days out of 365. Seeing that number is pretty crazy.

Q3. What do you want to do this summer?
An overseas trip.

Q4. What are the members’ pros and cons?
Pros: Quickly changes her mind.
Cons: Sometimes drinks too much.

Pros: Cherishes connections with people.
Cons: Bad at SNS.

Pros: Living through her individuality.
Cons: Unbalanced diet

Q5. What are your favorite brands? Places where regular people can buy from!
American Apparel, jouetie.

Q6. What band or group are you currently paying attention to?
Recently, the go!go!vanillas. The guitar riffs in 「Super Worker」 are so cool!

Q7. Which artist would you like to play a live or event together with in the future? How about doing a rock festival that SCANDAL presides over?
KANA-BOON / Perfume / Porno Graffitti. I’d want to do it if we can find another good theme like “Band Yarou Yo!!”~!

Q8. We want to know what you’re good at cooking.

Q9. How do you refresh yourself when you’re feeling down?
Talk with a friend who isn’t a musician.

Q10. What’s a song you often sing at karaoke?
Kingyo Hanabi」 (Goldfish Fireworks) / Ai Otsuka, 「STEP you」 / Ayumi Hamasaki, 「Andromeda」 / aiko

Q11. What would you want a guy to polish up on?
Teeth and guitar techniques.

Q12. Is SCANDAL banned from romance? Are you interested in getting married? How would you like to be proposed to?
We’re not banned. My interest in marriage might be thinned out.

Q13. Is your hair in pain?
I care for it as much as possible so that it’s not in pain.

Q14. Will all of you wear matching outfits again?
We haven’t decided. At that time we’ll wear the best outfits!

Q15. What are your secrets for maintaining beauty and style?
Have fun eating and sleep comfortably.

Q12. What’s your rank in Puzzles & Dragons?

Q17. What was the first CD you bought?
『Best! Morning Musume. 1』 / Morning Musume.

Q18. During these 10 years that you’ve been facing music, what is the number one thing that has stuck with you?
Boarding together during our indie days.

Q19. Has there been a huge fight during your 10 years? Please tell us the details.
Maybe during our world tour? Watch 『Documentary film「HELLO WORLD」』.

Q20. When is your next album coming out?
It’s a secret.

Q21. If you were to play a dinner show, what song would you absolutely want to sing?
Songs that translate well acoustically.

Q22. During the time you were most feeling down so far, what songs did you listen to?
When I moved to Tokyo during my second year of high school for our major debut, I was lonely and anxious about going to school. I was really nervous to take paths that I wasn’t used to to school and got lost many times. I often listened to Chatmonchy’s 「Someru Yo」 (Dyed).

Q23. If you were to appear on 『Shabekuri 007』 (a Japanese variety show), what project would you like to do?
Cheese Ryouri (Cooking) 007

Q24. What have you been most glad about while a part of SCANDAL?
The number of things I like has increased.

Q25. What is SCANDAL to RINA?

Q26. (From a shy fan:) What are you aware of when you communicate with people?
Remembering names.

Q27. It’s been 10 years since you’ve formed. What’s the trick for being able to keep the same members?
Respect each other.

Q28. What’s the goal for SCANDAL who has accomplished many things so far?
Even if we don’t have a goal, the only thing to do is to continue on forward and upward. I want the times to continue.

Q29. What has been the most memorable moment at a live for you?
When we played 「one piece」 at our first Osaka-Jo Hall performance.

Q30. What do you do for jet lag when you’re on a world tour?
Adjust when you’re on the plane.

Q31. Out of your outfits so far, which one has been the most difficult to play instruments in?
The tight blue mini skirt I wore during the encores for 360° (Osaka-Jo Hall) and FESTIVAL (Yokohama Arena).

Q32. (From a fan who is currently on a dance team) What is the source of TEAM SCANDAL’s power? Also, how do you increase the team’s power?
Say anything honestly. Regardless of age, call each other by your first names or nicknames.

Q33. What do you think you would be in charge of in SCANDAL (what color, etc.)?
The tsukkomi? Maybe not.

Q34. When do you think was the time you were the most big-headed and got carried away?
There haven’t been any.

Q35. You have songs called 「OSAKA」 and 「TOKYO」. Which place would you sing about next?

Q36. What’s the trick to maintaining your motivation?
Do anything leisurelーy.

Q37. What’s a life lesson you’ve discovered while continuing for 10 years?
That there are always people looking to you.

Q38. What kind of person is your manager Eisuke? What do you usually think of him?
Let’s make our dreams come true together.

Q39. Say something about your fans.
Thanks as always! Let’s cry, laugh, and enjoy the lengthy future to come!

Q40. What do you always feel before a live?
My core is only in this place. Playing a live makes me feel the most alive. The cheers we get the moment we step out on stage gives us courage.

Q41. What would you have done if, at the same timing as forming the band, you were scouted as an actress or model?
Model, if it was at the same timing as forming the band.

Q42. Even though you should be muscular from powerfully playing the drums so cooly, how do you maintain that slenderness?
You get slim if you drum (laughs)!

Q43. Who is your biggest rival as an all-girl band?

Q44. Celebrating your 10th anniversary, what do you personally want to do?
I want to go to a kimono-wearing class!

Q45.(From a fan who plays the drums:) I’m kind of stiff, but how can one play the drums as cutely and cooly as RINA?
When you think to play them enjoyably more than playing them correctly, aren’t you able to relaxー? I recommend singing the lyrics to yourself while playing! Let’s do our best together!

Q46. (From a fan who wants to be in a SCANDAL copy band:) I want to play the drums, but I’m not good at doing a backing rhythm. What’s a trick for doing that?
If you match the parts where the tempo drops to a click track and practice, you should suddenly be able to organize it in your head and your body will be familiar with it! Also, try getting it down to “nothing.”

Q47. Isn’t it lonely since the drums are always in the back?
I’m okay (laughs).

Q48. What’s the most fun SCANDAL song to drum to?
「Take Me Out」, 「SUKI-SUKI」, 「Orange Juice」, 「Koi no Gestalt Houkai」

Q49. Will you try doing a solo song?
It’s enough to occasionally play at our current pace!

Q50. Please tell us the appeal of the drums again.
Your feelings are directly shown through sound.

Q51. What will you eat for dinner when you’ve really played the drums well?
I haven’t decidedー. But, recently I’ve been in a mood to challenge myself a bit with drinking alcohol when we’ve played a great live and I’m in a good mood!

Q52. How much practice is necessary to get used to the drums?
Hm~. I also don’t know.

Q53. What cymbal is on your mind?

Q54. Are there times when you’ve seen the other members gather together and play from the back during a live and thought how nice that is?
「SCANDAL BABY」’s second verse!

Q55. Do drummers obtain a sense of rhythm?
Most drummers might be people that have had a good sense of rhythm from the startー. It’s okay not to think or worry about it too much in that way!

Q56. How do you get healed up when all kinds of things get mixed together?
Talk with someone!

Q57. Have you ever forgotten which song you’re on while performing?
Yes, my body starts to move on its own.

Q58. What is a movie you currently want people to watch the most? Out of the movies you’ve seen so far, what’s your most recommended movie?
Nikita」. My top one will always be 「A Perfect World」.

Q59. RINA loves movies. What’s a movie where you thought 「I want to become this movie’s protagonist!」?
Ruby Sparks

Q60. Do you like taking pictures of people or scenery?
If I had to choose one, people.

Q61. Which member would you want to shoot in a photo book feeling?

Q62. What’s your most favorite picture out of the ones you’ve taken so far?
The shop window of a vintage shop in London. (She most likely means this picture)

Q63. What camera do you normally use?
The one I’ve used and recommend the most is the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL7.

Q64. Where do you buy clothes? (secondhand stores you go to often, etc.). Also, have the members asked you to choose things for them?
I go around to secondhand stores. One I often go to is 「birthdeath」 in Shibuya. I fundamentally go shopping by myself!

Q65. What have you been addicted to recently?
Disposable cameras

Q66. Which member gets the most violent when they drink alcohol?
Everyone becomes a party person.

Q67. 10 years have passed; who is RINA’s favorite member of SCANDAL?
I too am a member, though (laughs).

Q68. Who do you think is the smartest member?

Q69. What if you weren’t a member of SCANDAL?
Hm~. I might be working hard to be able to get into show biz.

Q70. What kind of way to stay healthy have you been hooked on recently?

Q71. Please share a known date spot in Nara.
The air is clean and you can really see the stars, so it’s romantic no matter where you walk. During the summer there are fireworks during the evening in Gojo.

Q72. What’s a cosmetic you recommend?
ADDICTION’s eyeshadows.

Q73. Is your mother doing well?
Yes, thank you.

Q74. What age do you want to be married by? Also, if you were to be reborn, would you want to join SCANDAL again?
Maybe my 30s? Perhaps~. I’m not confident that I can do the same thing one more time!

Q75. Who seems to be the most popular among you four?
Everyone seems to be popular with different types of people.

Q76. When you were in school, you looked up to the other three (HARUNA, MAMI, TOMOMI). If you had debuted as a dance and vocal group instead of a band, do you think you would currently still be dancing with the three of them?
I think I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them and give up.

Q77. How do you relieve your stress when you hit a wall?
I go see a live or a late show, meet with a friend.

Q78. Previously you said that playing with your hair rustling about looks cooler, but what are you conscious of now that your hair’s shorter?
I can still move my hair aroundー! Please look forward to the bob version of “rustling about.”

Q79. Do you recommend any songs for exam-taking students?
「Image」. Good luck, exam takers!

Q80. (From a fan seeking consultation:) I don’t notify or consult my family or close friends so that I won’t cause them worry or be bothersome. What do you think of that?
That sounds a bit lonesome. The closer you are, the more you’ll take notice of things. Honestly voicing your complaints isn’t bothersome. Depending on them more would be good.

Q81. The moment lyrics are born is what kind of moment?
I have many rooms.

Q82. What was your first puppy love like?
Summer of my first year of middle school, a senior from the baseball club.

Q83. If you could take a vacation, where would you want to go?
Los Angeles or Paris.

Q84. When do you feel a special happiness when you spend time with the members?
When the four of us go out on our days off.

Q85. What’s the harshest thing you’ve gone through so far?
SUMMER SONIC’s Beach Stage was already dreadfully hot, and doing the countdown for our final song 「Taiyou Scandalous」 was harsh…… It was hot enough to make me wonder if I could make it until the end.

Q86. Who’s your favorite artist?
YUKI-san. Everything about her is cool and cute, and the about her are way too fascinating.

Q87. Which member smells the best?
MAMI = melon, TOMOMI = floral, HARUNA = unscented.

Q88. What do you do on days off?
Go to French school.

Q89. Would you want to go to the past or future?

Q90. What do you continue to do every day?
Drink hydrogen water.

Q91. Your hair recently became shorter. At what timing do you cut your hair? What’s the reason for changing your hairstyle?
For changing my hairstyle, it’s at the same timing as releasing a new song. For a change of pace, and wanting to reset the damage from when I dyed it purple, I made it into a bob!

Q92. What body cream do you use?
ABL Collection Perfume Body Cream Fruitful Bouquet

Q93. How do you become so stylish? How do you increase your sense of beauty? Do you read magazines and such?
Ehー, that makes me happy! I don’t follow fads too much and I like to enjoy hair+makeup and clothes I think are cute. I buy magazines that write about themes I’m interested in, such as “vintage.”

Q94. Out of the places you’ve traveled to on tour, which place would you want to go to again on your own time?
Los Angeles.

Q95. What moments you wish you had been born a boy?
There aren’t any.

Q96. If you could collaboratively work with any musical group as well as singers, including past and present ones, who would you want to try working with?
The Beatles

Q97. What would you eat for your last meal?

Q98. Which entertainers do you think are adorable?
Erika Sawajiri-san / Yuu Takahashi-san / Nozomi Sasaki-san / Nana Komatsu-san / Tina Tamashiro-san

Q99. Do you have a favorite izakaya item?
Karikari cheese

Q100. What if you were reborn?
Being a girl would be just fine.

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