SCANDAL Pia – 100Q! Tomomi

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Q1. What’s your current mood?
Doing 100Q is tough.

Q2. About how long are you together with the members?
Very often.

Q3. What do you want to do this summer?

Q4. What are the members’ pros and cons?
Pros: Kind
Cons: Indecisive

Pros: Humorous
Cons: Fickle

Pros: Stoic
Cons: Delicate

Q5. What are your favorite brands? Places where regular people can buy from!

Q6. What band or group are you currently paying attention to?

Q7. Which artist would you like to play a live or event together with in the future? How about doing a rock festival that SCANDAL presides over?
RIP SLYME. If we could do that one day.

Q8. We want to know what you’re good at cooking.
Roll hakusai (napa cabbage roll)

Q9. How do you refresh yourself when you’re feeling down?
Blow bubbles

Q10. What’s a song you often sing at karaoke?
Yasashii Kimochi」 / CHARA

Q11. What would you want a guy to polish up on?
His shoes

Q12. Is SCANDAL banned from romance? Are you interested in getting married? How would you like to be proposed to?
We’re not banned. I want to get married one day.

Q13. Is your hair in pain?
It’s in pain.

Q14. Will all of you wear matching outfits again?
Probably not.

Q15. What are your secrets for maintaining beauty and style?
Sleep often.

Q16. What was the first CD you bought?
『Dancemania』 / Omnibus

Q17. During these 10 years that you’ve been facing music, what is the number one thing that has stuck with you?
Boarding together during our indie days.

Q18. Has there been a huge fight during your 10 years? Please tell us the details.
We’ve never fought.

Q19. When is your next album coming out?
When the songs are all together.

Q20. If you were to play a dinner show, what song would you absolutely want to sing?

Q21. During the time you were most feeling down so far, what songs did you listen to?
2015. 「Remember me」 / Kururi

Q22. If you were to appear on 『Shabekuri 007』 (a Japanese variety show), what project would you like to do?
One where you look for alcohol that agrees with your body.

Q23. What have you been most glad about while a part of SCANDAL?
Being able to go to all kinds of places.

Q24. What is SCANDAL to TOMOMI?
A great band.

Q25. (From a shy fan:) What are you aware of when you communicate with people?

Q26. It’s been 10 years since you’ve formed. What’s the trick for being able to keep the same members?
Respecting each other.

Q27. What’s the goal for SCANDAL who has accomplished many things so far?
I think being an obaachan (grandma) band would be really cool.

Q28. What has been the most memorable moment at a live for you?
The seating during our first song 「SCANDAL BABY」 at our Osaka-Jo Hall performance in 2013.

Q29. What do you do for jet lag when you’re on a world tour?
You can’t do anything about it.

Q30. Out of your outfits so far, which one has been the most difficult to play instruments in?
The outfit I wore for FESTIVAL with the black feathers.

Q31. (From a fan who is currently on a dance team) What is the source of TEAM SCANDAL’s power? Also, how do you increase the team’s power?
Enjoy the after parties.

Q32. What do you think you would be in charge of in SCANDAL (what color, etc.)?

Q33. When do you think was the time you were the most big-headed and got carried away?
In elementary school. I got 100% without studying anything.

Q34. You have songs called 「OSAKA」 and 「TOKYO」. Which place would you sing about next?

Q35. What’s the trick to maintaining your motivation?
Seeing your favorite band live.

Q36. What’s a life lesson you’ve discovered while continuing for 10 years?
Life’s a joke.

Q37. What kind of person is your manager Eisuke? What do you usually think of him?
「種」 (tane; seed). Good work……

Q38. Say something about your fans.
How are you doing?

Q39. If you could listen to one song before you die, which SCANDAL song would you listen to?
「Kill the virgin」

Q40. What’s your favorite egg dish?

Q41. How do you pass your off time when you’re at home and not planning to meet with anyone?

Q42. Why did you choose to buy a MINI Cooper?
Because it’s cute and makes sharp turns.

Q43. What song are you most attached to?
「Very Special」.

Q44. What’s a trick for when you’re writing lyrics or music?
Instill your own traits.

Q45. Who’s your favorite male entertainer?
Junji Takada-san.

Q46. What song would give you courage if you didn’t have the courage to profess your love?
ultra soul」 / B’z

Q47. How many times have you been picked on by the members (for example, like your 2012 Budokan performance)?
Countless times.

Q48. (From a fan who fell in love at first sight:) How can I get to know them?
Talk to them.

Q49. When you write lyrics, are they true stories or ideals? Also, why do you have so many songs about heartbreak?
Both. I like writing songs about heartbreak.

Q50. (From a fan in Hyogo Prefecture:) What is Hyogo’s pride?
Being Japan’s Standard Time Meridian

Q51. What’s your favorite alcohol?
Sweet ones

Q52. After being able to play 「DOLL」 and 「Shoujo S」, what’s a good song to play next?

Q53. How often do you practice the bass?
It depends.

Q54. When you’re feeling worried or down, how do you cheer yourself up?
Talk on the phone with a friend.

Q55. Why are you such a natural at things?
I’m not a natural.

Q56. What was your breakfast today?
Bread from a nearby bakery.

Q57. What fashion have you been addicted to lately? Where do you buy clothes?
A sports MIX. At secondhand stores.

Q58. What should you do to get better on the bass?
Cover your favorite songs.

Q59. What’s something happy that’s happened recently?
I found three lip products that I had lost.

Q60. What’s something careless you’ve done recently?
Lose the lip products I just bought.

Q61. When you’re writing lyrics, are you particular about how words such as 「私」 (watashi), 「あたし」 (atashi), 「わたし」 (watashi), 「行く」 (iku), 「いく」 (iku), 「ゆく」 (yuku), are read?
I choose the words the song’s protagonist would likely use.

Q62. TOMOMI & MAMI have a unit called 「Dobondobondo」. What do you want to be noticed about the new songs?
CyUe (Cypress Ueno)’s MC and Omisohan (DJ Miso Shiru & MC Gohan)’s leisurely interlude.

Q63. Where does your adorable voice come from?
My stomach

Q64. What’s something that you must have in your fridge?
Tea. Eggs.

Q65. What do you do before an important day?
Go out on my balcony.

Q66. If you could emigrate, where would you go?

Q67. What present has made you the most happy so far?
The album that my hometown friend gave me when I moved to Tokyo.

Q68. What’s something that always gets you excited when you do it?
Going to the ocean.

Q69. What are you conscious of when creating bass sounds?
Emphasize the mid sounds a bit.

Q70. Which artist are you currently listening to the most?
Carole King

Q71. Where would you go on a solo trip?

Q72. (From a female fan in her 20s:) I really like TOMOMI and it can’t really be helped, but where should I direct these feelings (laughs)?
To me.

Q73. (From a fan who’s turning 19 soon:) Influenced by TOMOMI, I thought I’d start playing the bass, but am I too late?
The moment you make up your mind to do it is the earliest.

Q74. What bass are you currently interested in? What was the red bass you used on the 『YELLOW』 tour?
A 1967 Coronado.

Q75. What have you been obsessed with recently?
Observing the umeboshi (pickled plums) I pickled in June.

Q76. What’s the layout of your house or interior like?
Surrounded by plants.

Q77. Which member would you want to go to Disneyland with?

Q78. Do you get angry?

Q79. (From a fan who a beginner at bass in a light music club:) I can’t really play the bass. I’m particularly bad at slapping! How can you play while harmonizing with the song?
After you’ve come to perfectly be able to play it and perfectly be able to harmonize, practicing might be good to doー.

Q80. What member do you think is actually more dense than yourself?
The 3 of them are level-headed.

Q81. Which member would you want to ride with you in the passenger seat?

Q82. Please tell us your average amount of sleep time!
9 hours.

Q83. You’re ordered to not use the bass for one year. What do you do?
Cut off the first and second strings on a guitar.

Q84. What has been the happiest event in 10 years for you? Personally as well.
Meeting my beloved best friend.

Q85. What should someone do if they want to emote frankly like TOMOMI?
Singing’s good.

Q86. The other members have tried out bobs or short hair, but TOMOMI hasn’t done so. We want to see you try it!
If I feel like it.

Q87. You often swing your head, but your hair hasn’t gotten tangled in the strings, has it?
Come to think of it, it hasn’t!

Q88. What’s something you should do if you want a dream to come true?
Tell your dream to someone.

Q89. Do you attack when you like someone?
In the meantime.

Q90. (From a fan who loves the lyrics TOMOMI writes:) Regarding lyrics, what motivates you when something’s regularly on your mind?
Probably books or movies.

Q91. What’s something that you recently bought for a large sum of money??
A new amp case.

Q92. Which Red Hot Chili Peppers album do you like?
I’m not that pleased with RHCP, but even so, I like 『Mother’s Milk』.

Q93. What’s your favorite manga or anime?

Q94. Please tell us where the appeal of the bass is.
The vibrations are transmitted from the floor.

Q95. What’s your daily routine?
Greet my umeboshi.

Q96. In the 10 years you’ve switched from guitar to bass, what was the moment you were glad to be playing the bass?
It doesn’t have to be restrung as often.

Q97. 10 years have passed; what are you still hiding from the members?
I’ll talk about it in our 20th year.

Q98. Is there a time you’ve been the most embarrassed so far?
Don’t make me say it.

Q99. What’s something that you’ve come to be able to do recently?
I’m now able to drink straight black tea.

Q100. What’s the trick for living every day happily?
Realizing that happiness has fallen right by you.

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