SCANDAL’s 10th Anniversary Concert

SCANDAL performs 27 songs at their first solo outdoor live in commemoration of their 10th anniversary; 「If it’s the four of us, it feels like we can go anywhere」


SCANDAL, an all-girl band representing Japan, celebrated their tenth anniversary this year. On 8/21, the day of their formation, they held their first solo outdoor live in Osaka, the stage of the band’s formation. They played lengthy total of 27 songs in about 2 1/2 hours. We will be reporting on their memorial live.

Under the summer sun with the highest temperature in Osaka that came close to 37°C/98.6°F, people wearing SCANDAL t-shirts entered right after another from when the first gate opened at 11 am, the venue already filling up with love for SCANDAL. Audience members from overseas standing out is proof that the quartet has made an impression in foreign countries.

As for the time until the main performance’s start time of 4:30 pm, many things were prepared for the fans’ enjoyment. Food booths and a booth where one could take pictures while holding the same model instruments that the members use were set up, and 『Deren no!? SCA FES!?』 was also held on a special truck stage. 「Style」, 「lip tone」, 「R-glay」, and 「Alisan」 were four groups who were chosen in the competition to perform. 「Namamugi Otome Band」, the winners of the 『6th SCANDAL Copy Band・Vocalist Contest』 held last November, made for a total of five groups, and each of them unrolled SCANDAL cover songs. The bands with slightly different compositions than their originators with keyboards and dual vocals as well as bands that appeared in school uniforms reminiscent of when SCANDAL first started out made for quite a spectacular sight. There were people who sat down on the lawn and enjoyed relaxing, and there were also people who were spinning towels and getting excited. It thoroughly increased the expectations for the main performance.

Then, at 16:30, “SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL『2006-2016』” finally began.


When the quartet appeared on stage enveloped in loud cheers, they first stood in the center and waved. Then, with HARUNA’s yell of 「Let’s goー!」, they swiftly began with 「LOVE SURVIVE」. As they continued with the pop number 「BEAUTeen!!」 and got the venue quickly excited, HARUNA said, 「Welcome to our 10th birthday! Today is also RINA’s birthday. How about we celebrate together?」 and led into 「Happy Birthday」. The call of 「Yeah!」 from the venue united everyone, and a party mood was at full throttle. Moreover, when HARUNA said 「Water’s coming~」 as they began 「Taiyou Scandalous」, water was sprayed at the crowd. The overlapping choruses of the quartet elevated the excitement and instantly brought the mood to a crescendo.

When HARUNA then said, 「We brought along the strongest set list of our 10 years. Let’s make this the best day ever!」, the refreshing and sentimental 「Yoake no Ryuuseigun」 that’s just like the girls had the venue swaying from left to right and created a sense of unity. Furthermore, with the summer tune 「Uchiagehanabi」 with drums and vocals in unison as well as a <Kimi ga daisuki da yo> lyric that sticks in your head coupled with the sea breeze blowing into the venue, the summer scenery was imprinted into everyone’s mind’s, exactly like what HARUNA said: 「Let’s make great memories together」.

What flowed out to change that sentimental atmosphere was the drum intro to 「DOLL」. The buzz of 「Oh~」’s sounded from the venue and an “advance notice” of 「Do you have your towels?」 from HARUNA. A sharp guitar sounded out. When they broke into the chorus, the spray of water reappeared and towels were spun around. The excitement along with the changing tune accelerated things up. As if dealing the final blow, the speedy 「Shunkan Sentimental」 had the venue clapping and calling out 「Oi! Oi!」. The audience, stirred up by HARUNA’s 「Sing!」, raised their voices, and it was conveyed that not only the members but everyone there was enjoying the same moment with full force.

Not just the fans but the members too were heated up by the same thing. Cooling down for a moment for an MC, TOMOMI put a towel on her head to “discharge.” Seeing that, MAMI prodded, 「Are you okay? (laughs)」, showing everyone a heartwarming scene. Divulging an inside story about how their manager was the one spraying water, HARUNA conveyed her feelings and said, 「We really do help each other out as good friends」. With 「Now for a cooling down song…」, the live moved into the latter half.

「Switch」 is unique to this all-girl band, and when they had everyone listening to rock that’s supple and has a strong core, they continued with 「Aitai」 with a beat and melody where you feel their footsteps of ten years. When HARUNA switched to an acoustic guitar, she said, 「This is a song that I’d like everyone to sing together with me」. She began playing 「Sayonara My Friend」 solo, raising the sadness up to 200%. Playing 「Sisters」 next bounced the venue back to feeling good and returned the uplifting mood. When HARUNA said, 「The sun is setting; you’re thinking how it’s going to end soon? There’s still much more to come today! (laughs)」, TOMOMI said, 「It’s pretty long~? (laughs)」, delighting the audience.

They talked about reminiscent stories of when they first formed. When RINA talked about how, before the members first met, they exchanged e-mail addresses and MAMI sent a lengthy e-mail to her but nothing came from HARUNA, HARUNA said, 「That! RINA was scared of me…..(laughs)」, expanding their stories about looking back on their ten years. Continuing, HARUNA conveyed her feelings: 「Ten years have passed since the four of us met. We played lives to an audience of zero when we began playing street lives, so we feel extremely happy that we get to play in front of many people today」 as they headed into 「LOVE ME DO」. After the carefree falsetto spread out an exhilarating feeling across the spacious venue, HARUNA said, 「Boom boom clap! Move your body」, the powerful rhythm of 「Stamp!」 and the broad band sound of their latest single 「Take Me Out」 that was written for this live captivated the audience with their expressiveness. Above all, the sight of TOMOMI, HARUNA, and MAMI playing closely together was ridicuously cute.

When MAMI said, 「Is it okay if I sing the next song? Please kick up a storm!」 and 「Koe」, with lead vocals by MAMI, resounded, exceptionally loud cheers erupted. Keeping the excitement going, the audience danced and raised their fists in the air for 「Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne」 and entrusted their bodies to the rock beat of 「EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!」. The excitement remained even as night fell. The live headed into its climax. 「Image」 began from HARUNA’s shout of 「Last songー!」. As the upbeat tune with a positive message was delivered by SCANDAL, who has been running for ten years, and captivated everyone, the main performance came to a close.


The calls for an encore never ceased, and in reply the quartet reappeared on stage as if saying “We’re not done yet!” They once more started their act at full force from 「Rock’n Roll」. The venue was once again set ablaze with the punchy number as lights that illuminated the venue spread out in the back as night fell.

Furthermore, they successively announced two happy surprises! HARUNA said, 「Since everyone came out to Osaka today,we’ll be going to see you in your cities next!」 and they announced their 47 prefecture tour that will be held next spring. Then, they announced a release: 「Before the tour we’ll be releasing a best album! It might be out around next February」. Additionally, because the songs on this work will be selected from votes online, a thunderous applause naturally erupted. Continuing from there, as HARUNA finished saying 「Looking back on these ten years, it feels like it’s gone by fast. Every time 8/21 would pass each year, we thought of how the four of us spent another year together…… We would be excited every year, wondering what the next year would turn out to be like. Celebrating our tenth year, it’s still the same now. But, the happiest thing is that the four of us have celebrated our tenth anniversary together. For the four of us to have been able to continue together is close to a miracle, but if it’s the four of us, it feels like we can go anywhere. We’ve put in those kinds of thoughts……」, they began playing 「Hachigatsu」. Each word and sound of the song that was written while remembering the summer ten years ago when the four of them met touched everyone’s hearts.

The celebratory mood is the current SCANDAL! As if to say that, they jumped and danced to the live anthem 「SCANDAL BABY」. On stage, TOMOMI and MAMI gathered around HARUNA’s mic and a happy aura was emitted with huge smiles on their faces. Along with the member introductions, each of the members delivered a message. 「This turned out to be a wonderful anniversary. Thank you!」 (Cheers of 「Happy birthday!」 came from the audience) 「I’ll do my best as a 25-year-old. Best regards!」 (RINA) / 「This was seriously the best! It was so much fun! I’m so happy we got to celebrate our tenth anniversary with everyone」 (MAMI) / 「This band is the first thing in my life that I’ve continued for ten years. Today is such a special day for SCANDAL, and it’s become a very important day for me」 (TOMOMI) / 「Thank you so much for today. There’s still much more to come for SCANDAL. We’ll see each other again!」 (HARUNA)

The final song, the exciting rap call-and-response 「SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE」, began. All of the members performed with their entire bodies, holding handheld mics and running around from one end of the stage to the other. The venue too was excited and shouted up a storm. The curtain didn’t close on tears of happiness; they brought it to a close in a SCANDAL-like way, with smiles on their faces and with a boundless feeling of happiness.

After that, the quartet turned their backs to the venue and took a commemorative picture. They then took their leave by lengthly waving to the crowd. The fans’ passion didn’t cool down as 「SCANDAL BABY」 played on the speakers and a resounding chorus continued, and the band showed astonishment as if responding to those singing voices. As expected from a tenth anniversary memorial live, skyrocket fireworks were launched from the shore opposite to the seaside venue and a number of large flowers bloomed in the night sky. Those there gazed up at them instinctively, making them just as vivid as the memories of today.


  2. BEAUTeen!!
  3. Happy Birthday
  4. Playboy
  5. Taiyou SCANDALOUS
  6. Yoake no Ryuseigun
  7. Koi Moyou
  8. Uchiage Hanabi
  9. DOLL
  10. Shoujo S
  11. Shunkan Sentimental
  12. Switch
  13. Aitai
  14. Sayonara My Friend
  15. Sisters
  16. LOVE ME DO
  17. Stamp!
  18. Take Me Out
  19. Koe
  20. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki dene
  22. Your song
  23. Image
  24. Rock’n Roll
  25. 8 gatsu

2016.8.21(SUN)  泉大津フェニックス



本編開始の16:30までの間にはファンのためのお楽しみもたくさん用意され、飲食ブースやメンバーが使う楽器と同じモデルのものを持って写真撮影できるブースなどが並び、特設のトラックステージでは『出れんの!? SCA FES!?』も開催。これに出演したのは公募で選ばれた「Style」「lip tone」「R-glay」「Alisan」の4組と、昨年11月に行われた『第6回SCANDALコピーバンド・ヴォーカリストコンテスト』でグランプリを受賞した「生麦乙女バンド」の計5組で、それぞれがSCANDALのコピー曲を繰り広げる。鍵盤やツインボーカルなど本家とは違った編成で自分たちらしさを感じさせるバンドもあれば、制服で登場して初期SCANDALを思わせるバンドもあり、なかなかの見ごたえ。観客も芝生に腰を下ろしリラックスして楽しむ人もいれば、タオルを回して盛り上がる一幕もあり。本編への期待を十分に高める。

そして16:30、ついに“SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL『2006-2016』”が開演。

大歓声に包まれ4人が登場すると、まずは中央で並んで手を挙げる。そしてHARUNA(Vo/Gt)の「行くよーっ!」のかけ声と特効で勢いよく「LOVE SURVIVE」からスタート。ポップな「BEAUTeen!!」と続けて会場を早々に沸かすと、HARUNAの「私たちの10回目の誕生日にようこそ!(中略) 今日はRINA(Dr/Vo)の誕生日でもあります。みんなでお祝いしませんか?」というMCで「Happy Birthday」へ。会場からの「Yeah!」コールも一つになってパーティムードが全開。さらにHARUNAの「水、来るよ~」と始まった「太陽スキャンダラス」では、放水の演出もあり。重なる4人のコーラスがわくわく感をぐぐっと上げ、瞬く間に気分は最高潮に。 




「スイッチ」でガールズバンドならではの、しなやかかつ芯の強さのあるロックを聴かせると、10年間の足音を感じさせるようなビートとメロディで「会いたい」と続け、熱いものをこみ上げさせる。そしてHARUNAがアコースティックギターに持ち替えると、「みんなと一緒に歌いたいなと思って持ってきた曲です」と「さよならMy Friend」で弾き語り、せつなさ200%の状態に。しかし次の「Sisters」で会場を気持ちよく跳ねさせ、再びアッパームードにすると、HARUNAが「日も落ちてきて、そろそろ終わると思ってるんじゃないの? まだまだ今日はやるよ!(笑)」と言うと、TOMOMIが「長いよ~?(笑)」と、観客を喜ばせる。

また結成当時の思い出話も披露し、メンバーが初めて会う前にアドレス交換をしてMAMIからは長文メールが届いたが、HARUNAからはメールが来なかったとRINAが語ると、HARUNAが「それで! RINAは私にビビッてるなと……(笑)」と言い、10年を振り返るトークを展開した。続けてHARUNAが「4人が出会って10年が経ちました。ストリートライブを始めた頃はお客さんがいない中でライブをやっていたので、今日はたくさんの人の前で演奏できて、幸せを感じています」と気持ちを伝え、「LOVE ME DO」へ。伸びやかなファルセットが広い会場に広がり爽快感満点になると、次はHARUNAが「ドンドンパン! 体揺らして」と、「Stamp!」の力強いリズムや、最新シングルで今ライブに向けて制作したという「テイクミーアウト」の骨太なバンドサウンドといった豊かな表情で魅了する。そして何よりTOMOMI 、HARUNA、MAMIがギュッと寄り添ってプレイする姿はとんでもなくキュートだ。

また、「次の曲、歌ってもいいですか? 暴れてください!」とMAMIがリードボーカルを取る「声」を響き渡らせると、ひと際大きな歓声が起こる。その後も観客はテンションそのままに、「会わないつもりの、元気でね」で踊り拳を振り上げ、「EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!」でロックのビートに身を委ね……と、日暮れになっても高まる一方。しかしライブはクライマックスへ。HARUNAの「ラストー!」というシャウトから始まったのは「Image」。10年間走ってきたSCANDALから届く、ポジティブなメッセージを乗せたアッパーチューンに誰もが心を奪われ、本編が終了した。

もちろんアンコールを求める声が鳴り止むことはなく、それに応え4人は再びステージに立つと、“まだまだ!”とばかりに「Rock'n Roll」から今一度、全力のアクトをスタート。日が暮れた会場を照らし出すフラッシュライトをバックに繰り広げるパンチ力あるナンバーに、会場はすぐに再沸騰する。

さらにここでうれしいサプライズが2連発! HARUNAが「今日はみんなが大阪まで遊びに来てくれたので、次は私たちがみんなの街に会いに行きます!」と、47都道府県ツアー来春開催決定のアナウンス。さらに「ツアーの前にベストアルバムを発売します! 来年の2月くらいかな」とリリース告知も。しかもこの作品はネット投票による選曲になるというから、当然大きな拍手が起こる。さらに続けて、HARUNAが「10年を振り返ると早かったなって思います。1年1年、8月21日(日)が過ぎるたび、また4人で1年やってこれたなって……。次の1年はどんな年にしようかなって毎年わくわくしてました。それは10周年を迎えた今も同じです。でもね、なんだかんだ1番うれしいのはこの4人で10周年を迎えられたこと。4人で続けて来れたことって奇跡に近いなって思うし、でもこの4人だったらどこへだって行ける気がします。(中略)そんないろんな思いを込めて……」と言い終えると「8月」へ。10年前4人が出会った夏を思い出して書いたという、そのひと言ひと言、一音一音がじわりと胸に染み入る。

しかし、お祝いムードが今のSCANDAL!と言うかのように、ライブアンセムの「SCANDAL BABY」でジャンプ&ダンス! 舞台上ではHARUNAのマイクにTOMOMIとMAMIが集まり、ビッグスマイルでハッピーオーラを放つ。そしてメンバー紹介とともに、1人ずつからメッセージが。「すてきな記念日になりました。ありがとう!」(会場からの「誕生日おめでとう」の声に)「25歳も頑張ります。よろしくお願いします!」(RINA)、「めちゃくちゃ最高でした! 超楽しかった! みんなと10周年迎えられて幸せです」(MAMI)、「人生で10年間一つのことを続けられたのって初めてなんです、バンドが。今日はSCANDALにとっても特別な日やし、私にとっても大事な日になりました」(TOMOMI)、「今日は本当にありがとうございました。SCANDALはまだまだ続きます。また会いましょう!」(HARUNA)。

そうして始まったオーラスはラップの応酬で煽り盛り上がる「SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE」。メンバー全員がハンドマイクで、ステージを端から端へと走り回り、全身でパフォーマンスする姿に、会場も沸きに沸き、歓声の嵐に! 感動の涙で幕……ではなく、底抜けに幸福な気分にしてくれる、笑顔が似合うSCANDALらしい締めくくりとなった。

その後、4人は会場をバックに記念撮影をして長く手を振り立ち去ったが、ファンの熱はさめることなくSEの「SCANDAL BABY」に合わせ大合唱が続く。ここでさらにその歌声に応えるかのような驚きが! さすが10周年のメモリアルライブ、海沿いの会場の対岸から打ち上げ花火が上げられ、夜空にいくつもの大輪の花を咲かせたのだ。これにはその場の全員が思わず見入り、今日の思い出をより鮮やかなものにしたことだろう。


2. BEAUTeen!!
3. Happy Birthday
4. プレイボーイ
5. 太陽スキャンダラス
6. 夜明けの流星群
7. 恋模様
8. 打ち上げ花火
10. 少女S
11. 瞬間センチメンタル
12. スイッチ
13. 会いたい
14. さよならMy Friend
15. Sisters
17. Stamp!
18. テイクミーアウト
19. 声
20. 会わないつもりの、元気でね
22. Your song
23. Image
24. Rock'n Roll
25. 8月

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