The eldest among the group and also serves as the leader. A girl who had a passion for dancing and dreamed of becoming a dancer, but things changed when she met her co-members and eventually took on a rock n’ roll path. But the influence of dance stayed, the reason why some of their PV, choreography can be seen. HARUNA has the most powerful and deep voice that usually leads in their songs combined with the voices of the other 3 members.


  • Stage Name: HARUNA
  • Real Name: Ono Haruna (小野春菜)
  • Birthday: August 10, 1988
  • Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 153 cm
  • Instruments: Guitar, Vocal
  • Education: Inuyama High School
  • Previous Groups: Caless Kid’s Choir


  • A fan of Tohoshinki.
  • A fan of the Jonas Brothers.
  • A fan of the High-School Musical series.
  • A fan of Justin Beiber.
  • A huge fan of Michael Jackson.
  • iPhone user
  • Bought 4 of Tohonshinki DVD all at once.
  • Likes jaejong the most because of his natural personality.
  • The moment she plug her earphones and watches videos of Tohoshinki, she cries and laughs all alone.
  • Has 3 piercings on her right ear.
  • Has a little brother named Hideto Ono who plays soccer.
  • Hates getting wet by water.
  • Her eyesight is so bad that makes her say, “It’s enough to make me can’t live my life without contact lenses or glasses!”.
  • Went to see Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie.
  • One of her most loved items is the iPod given by her Mom.
  • She wants to have a part time job in an Apparel store. Like becoming a shop assistant or something like that.
  • She was part of the movie BACKDANCERS.
  • She was part of Mayu’s back-up dancers called the SUPER TIGERS.
  • She thinks trousers are better for her clothes because she can feel the wind if she wears a skirt, and she doesn’t really like that.
  • Named her guitar Shun-kun.


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