Behind the scenes of shooting for SCANDAL RINA’s style book


Shooting with the keyword of “vintage” fashion!
SCANDAL RINA-chan’s style book 「It’s me RINA」 will finally be out on 7/15♪ We’ll show you behind the scenes of shooting for itー!

In the image spice of protagonist “Mathilda” from the movie 「Léon: The Professional

On the day of shooting, the fashion theme and one of the style book’s main visuals were shot from the early morning. Since RINA-chan likes movies, she wanted to shoot in the essence of the fashion and makeup of Mathilda from her beloved movie 「Léon: The Professional」. With a bit of a rock taste, the focus was on leather and a choker. It was shot with a completely different image of how RINA normally is, so RINA-chan was also surprised, saying, 「I don’t look like me!」♪

↑The shoot was checked on in real time on a computer screen. Even if something small happened during shooting, the staff would go in and fix it! 「Fix makeup!」, 「Adjust the hem of these clothes!」, for example♪ There were ultra-fine adjustments like, 「Add a bit on the lips!」 Thus, RINA-chan and the staff too gave it their all with each shot~★

↑Shooting outside of the studio. Since it’s a monotone outfit, it was captured perfectly in front of a stylish wall with perfect white walls × black text.

↑This guitar is RINA-chan’s real guitar that she keeps for use at home. She brought it along to the shoot!

↑This is abrupt! (haha) These flowers decorated the studio’s makeup room on the day of the shoot. It got both RINA-chan & the staff excited: 「Not only the studio, but even the makeup room has a vintage-feel to it; it lifts my mood up~!」♪

This book features 70 of RINA-chan’s real casual clothes! RINA-chan put everything together herself♪ This outfit is one of RINA-chan’s favorites. Check out the style book for detailsー!

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