Anniversary Book 『SCANDAL Pia』

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SCANDAL Pia』, an anniversary book packed with a focus on the band’s tenth year, will be released on July 26th! The cover is in collaboration with the band’s newest single Take Me Out.

【SCANDAL Pia Information】 Buy Now
Release date: 2016/7/26 (Tue.)
Price: 1,800 yen
Specification: A4 variant / 132 pages / adhesive binding

•Respectively talking about things for the first time 「We’ve made it 10 years; things we couldn’t say until now 」
Solo & band interviews talking about SCANDAL’s 10 year history

•Special talks respectively meeting with people they want to meet
HARUNA × Maggie / MAMI × Yoshie Itabashi / TOMOMI × Tavito Nanao / RINA × ARIKO

•SCANDAL history

•Celebrities, officials, and fans speaking about SCANDAL

•Pia’s 100Q specialty

※Specifications and contents are subject to change. Please note.

*Pia is a Japanese event ticketing company

Anniversary Book 『SCANDAL Pia』 store bonuses

Feedback! Shop: Another Cover (pink text)

BOOK Pia: Another Cover (purple text)

TSUTAYA: Clear File

From internet user: Bonus cover on the left when pre-ordered from Pia (the back is plain)

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