SCANDAL interview at COUNTDOWN JAPAN 15/16

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Translation summary by fyscandalband:

Yesterday at midnight, SCANDAL were guests at the CDJ studio! They were the last artists of the night to appear for the talk session, where the host reckons that it’s probably because everyone wanted to see them first in the new year. There’s still a good 3hrs before their live, but they were actually here since 6PM. So far, they’ve watched other lives and drank alcohol, so they feel really great at the moment and they wish to be on stage quickly.

Up till now, they’ve never ever had a live at 3 in the morning before. When asked if the tension feels any different from their regular lives, Rina says Haruna has drank some alcohol earlier. Haruna then says she’s drank about 3 times more than the usual amount she takes, but she’s alright and she’ll do the live in a good way (Rina says she’s a pretty strong drinker). SCANDAL also reveals that they’ve grasped at a good setlist though, but other than that, they can’t reveal more. Next up, it’s the message portion, where SCANDAL gets mail from fans all over the nation.

A fan from Hokkaido commends SCANDAL on their 2015 world tour and documentary movie, saying he especially liked the scene (in the movie) where Mami ate doritos with the staff on the bus. He is looking forward to all their great plans in the new year. When asked about the doritos scene, Tomomi says she liked it as well XD Mami explains about the scene, how it feels unreal to be on the road like that so she had been admiring the view. In truth, the talk was over an hour long, so it had to be cut, which ended up only 30s long. This year, it’ll also be SCANDAL’s 10th year anniversary. Haruna says that they’ll like to have a great year, and that it also feels blissful that they got so much lined up. In any case, they’ll like to spend the year having a good time.

Looking back on the 10 years since their formation, Haruna says (rather than looking back), they definitely still have more to anticipate. They spoke about it sometime back, but as a girls band, they’ll like to go past the history of whatever bands have done in the past (it appears that Haruna might be a bit drunk and needed multiple hints in between from the others. She insists she is sober, ahah.) They want to do it without any member changes or long breaks; The way they see it, it seems girl bands have a much shorter history than male bands, so recently, the 4 of them have talked about wanting to be a girls band that can carry on for a long time to come, which has become a current dream.

Although as band they have a lot to look forward to in the new year, the host wants to hear what’s the one thing they are looking most forward to in 2016. Mami says that on 21st August, they’ll be welcoming their 10th anniversary and will celebrate by doing an outdoor live in Osaka. Although they do a live every year on this day, but it’s a first to do it outdoor and with this many people, so she’s looking greatly forward to that. Mami also reveals that they’re planning to do a lot with this live. The host asks if they’ve done anything to build up their (physical) stamina for huge lives like this, and Mami says they do run and train regularly. It’s also something they’re doing for their arena tour right now, so they’ll like to continue it. Tomomi then says that for Christmas this year, she received a balancing ball from Rina so she’s been using that. It seems that it helps to train the abs; She’s tried to do those yoga-like poses on it but wasn’t able to after all. But she will work hard on it XD

Last but not least, the band promotes their new album “YELLOW”. It’s an album that they’ve put together in the past year and from their experiences on the world tour. In 2016, they will also be doing their 2days live at the Nippon Budokan, and the final will even be aired on WOWOW. Haruna says that as this tour is titled ‘PERFECT WORLD’, it is like a great, second tour to their previous ‘HELLO WORLD’ album. ~That is all~!

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